About me and my blog.

So why am I here?

Why write a blog?

Since I was a small child I have always wanted to write books, to set stories of childhood dreams and thrill the reader.

Well since I am not a famous writer it is plain that I never followed my dream, too many things were allowed to distinguish my dream, so I’m here to reignite the dream.

I’m not going to talk about pixies and elves at the bottom of the garden, though maybe they may pop in now and then!

I could write a diary that only I read, one that would get put in the bottom of a box that would gather dust, that when I die is found, where upon the reader may flick through a few pages and then put the diary down, will they ponder, will they be enthralled?

I won’t know because I won’t be around to find out!  So here I am!

I hope there will be laughter, without laughter I may not have survived this long, there maybe tears! I hope not too many as there has been more than enough over the passed 40 years!

I was adopted when I was 6 months old so I will be talking about how I felt, how I searched for my birth mother and why and how things worked out and everything in between!

So hang on to your hats!

M x

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